Kotobukiya Batman: Hush Blue Costume Variant ARTFX+ 1:6 Scale Statue

Sale price$119.99


From the creator of the famous Batman mysteries Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory, Jeph Loeb, with art by the famed penciler, Jim Lee, Kotobukiya presents an ARTFX+ statue from Batman: Hush! Batman appears in his blue costume from the story standing at just about 11-inches tall. Batman's muscular silhouette is poised and ready to fight against crime. His presence fully encapsulates the essence of Gotham City's Dark Knight. Batman stands firmly upon a metal base printed with a bat logo thanks to the magnets embedded in the figure's feet. This statue comes easy to assemble and would look good in any collection.

*This product is a re-release of DC Comics Batman: Hush Black Costume ARTFX Statue, with new package design and suit color

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