Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-52 Starscream 2.0

Sale price$264.99


The Autobot Minicars are back with Transformers Generation One Legion figures! The little toys from the 1980s are back and have updated paint jobs - and in some cases, other changes, like Bumblebee's head now looks more like the original cartoons. Each figure comes packaged on a blister card just like their 1984 - 1986 originals, but updated with modern toy packaging requirements. Bring home a piece of history with rolling wheels and simple transformations you and your kids will love!

Bundle includes 4 individually packaged figures:
1x Bumblebee
1x Swerve
1x Outback
1x Tailgate

3x Bumblebee
2x Swerve
1x Outback
2x Tailgate
(subject to change)

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