Hasbro Star Wars Mission Fleet Gear Class Clone Trooper Arena Rescue Action Figure

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Far superior to Battle Droids, the Clone Troopers formed the backbone of the Republic's new military that waged war against the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. So symbolic were they of the times, the galaxy-wide conflict that saw their debut took its name from their ranks: The Clone Wars. This 2 1/2-inch-scale Clone Trooper figure features multiple points of articulation and design and detail inspired by Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Blast off into a galaxy of adventure with the Star Wars Mission Fleet figures and vehicles! These fun figures and vehicles allow kids to imagine action-packed battles between the dark side and the light side of the Force. Star Wars Mission Fleet toys are kid-friendly and make a great introduction to the Galaxy of Star Wars for boys and girls ages 4 and up! (Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.) May the Force be with you!

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