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From Good Smile Company. Hinata Hyuga is the next character to join the Nendoroid series! Her cute appearance has been shrunk down into Nendoroid proportions looking just as cute as ever, with her impressive curves also faithfully preserved on the design! Hinata's long hairstyle from the Shippuden series has been captured on the Nendoroid, with the front of her hair cleanly cut just above the eyebrows. The back of the hair has been sculpted with a bit of a floating appearance in order to easily pose her in more dynamic combat scenes! Hinata's signature Gentle Fist fighting style has been captured on the Nendoroid, with the position of each of her fingers captured in tiny detail! She comes with these interchangable hand parts to display her ready for combat whenever necessary! Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists! The high level secret technique taught only to the main branch of the Hyuga clan has been captured with transparent lions that make use of a soft material for easier posing! The parts connect onto her arms allowing for a quick change of combat techniques whenever necessary! Hinata's shy look with her hands up toward her chin can be captured on the Nendoroid with the use of these special arm parts! This allows you to easily display her watching over her beloved Naruto. The forehead protector that Hinata wears around her neck has been sculpted slightly larger to bring it out more on the Nendoroid. The knitted detail of her outfit beneath that, and the rest of the detail of her unique style has all been carefully tuned to capture her as faithfully as possible!

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