Capcom Fighting Collection for PlayStation 4

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  • Darkstalkers All-in-One: For the first time ever outside of Japan, all five Darkstalkers games are playable in one collection, including two titles previously released only in Japan.
    Cult Favorite Red Earth: Red Earth also makes its debut outside of the arcade!
    Here Comes a Renowned Challenger: The iconic Street Fighter brand makes an appearance across Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Hyper Street Fighter II, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.
    Online Play for All: Players can now take the fight online to showcase their abilities in all 10 titles across ranked, casual, and lobby matches with up to 9 players.
    Robust Rollback Netcode: Online Play will be supported with rollback netcode for a strong and stable online experience!
    Train to Win: Training Mode has been added to each game to allow fans to master their favorite characters. Note: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo does not have a training mode option.
    Watch and Learn: Spectator Mode is available so you can sit back and enjoy watching friends duke it out.
    Additional Features: The all-in-one package also incorporates various gameplay balance adjustments and quality of life improvements such as mid-game saves.
    Relive Capcom Fighting Game History: The in-game Museum comes with a gallery of more than 500 pieces of official art, concept art, and design documents, plus over 400 music tracks.

Rating T: Teen - Content is Generally suitable for ages 13 and up

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