Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei for Nintendo Switch

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    • The Object of My Affection - Shanao will encounter five potential routes, each with an Affection Level - a meter that shows how much you have progressed with the character based on the choices made.
    • Testing My Abilities - There are 3 Character Abilities Shanao possesses: Strength, Knowledge, and Kindness. As you progress, you are given choices that will affect her Character Abilities.
    • Apple of My Ai - The Ai Catch system allow players to gauge how their choices affect a character’s Affection Level and Shanao’s Character Abilities in real time! A seedling will indicate a poor Affection Level, while a blooming flower shows a promising Affection Level.
    • Take Another Stab - After completing a chapter, players can revisit it and manipulate the Affection Levels and Character Abilities the two main measures that determines the progress of a route.
    • Languages - English in-game text and Japanese in-game voice.

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