ALTER Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale - Asuna 1/7 Scale Figure


SKU: A20476

- [Theatrical version sword art · online - Ordinal scale -], in "SAO" the rapier-use girl `Asuna` with a synonym for" flash "appeared in the dress uniform of" clan Knights ".
- It seems to be a girlfriend who plays brilliant sword tricks, and it has become three-dimensional by a posing that lightly dances with a small sword "Rambent light" with one hand.
- A beautiful finish with a smile that makes her feel the core strength in her gentle personality who has overcome many trials.
- Hair stretching to fit the movement is plenty to watch, coupled with the cloak that wanders in the wind enhances the presence.
- Swords and armor are reproduced with a sharp form and luxurious pearl paint, making you feel the view of the world of "SAO".

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