Founded in 2015, FiGPiN was born out of love for hard enamel pins and the desire to present a unique way in experiencing these handcrafted collectibles.
FiGPiN prides itself on producing character perfect art. They know how important capturing brand authenticity is, so they take great care to bring every detail to life.
Going to the next level, every FiGPiN features vibrant colors and special techniques in order to translate the source material into unforgettable FiGPiN style.
FiGPiNs can be showcased pinned on wearable materials and accessories, but also displayed to stand out like a collectible figure. Their patented display backer allows for multiple creative and unique ways of showing off your favorite character!
FiGPiNs deliver a premium collectible experience. The 3" classic line features a plastic display case, backer card art and protective outer sleeve.
Ranging from 2" to 6" tall, FiGPiN offers a fun assortment of sizes and presentations that expands the collector experience and focuses on the amazing character art.
Every FiGPiN comes with a unique serial number engraved on the back of the pin. Through the FiGPiN App, fans can input the serial number and add the pin to their collection. Each time a pin is unlocked, fans earn FiGPiN POWER, which can later be redeemed for a variety of rewards.
FiGPiN is fueled by a rapidly growing and passionate fan base. Composed of pin trading and grassroots fan communities, FiGPiNs appeal to both hardcore collectors and casual pop culture enthusiasts.
FiGPiN partners with some of the biggest names in the industry. From music, video games, anime and movies, they make sure their FiGPiNs represent a wide variety of fandoms.