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 11/16/20 What's New - 2 SPO Exclusives 

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Below you will find products not yet announced. We cannot list it for sale or sell it to you yet, however, you can let us know what you are interested in so we can get it ordered to ensure when it is available for sale that you will receive it the same time as they release in stores. Please let your ShopPopONLINE VIP representative know (

SPO New Exclusives

Deadline to reserve your exclusives is this Wednesday (November 18th) at 12pm EST. You will have the following options (no order limit)

1) Vegeta $24.99

2) Hercule $24.99

3) Vegeta + Hercule $49.98

4) Hercule Pin + Pop Specialty Series Super Hercule $35.98

5) Vegeta Pin + Hercule Pin + Pop Specialty Series Super Hercule $60.97

*You will not be able to purchase the pop Hercule alone. Limited supply of pop, available until sold out.

Pop! Pin Animation: Dragon Ball Super - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) Vegeta Glow in the Dark SPO Exclusive Limited Edition 600 pcs

"Do you want to know why you can't win? It's because you're a fake, and I am Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiyans!" From the Dragon Ball Series, we bring you SSGSS Vegeta Glow in the Dark Exclusive! This is a ShopPopONLINE Exclusive and a Limited Edition of 600 pieces. This will be a 3" Fluorescent Enamel Pin.

Expected early December 2020.

Pop! Pin Animation: Dragon Ball Z - Super Hercule Glow in the Dark SPO Exclusive Limited Edition 600 pcs

"Now that I had become a god, even the God of Destruction was no longer a match for me!" From the Dragon Ball series, we bring you Super Hercule Glow in the Dark Exclusive! This is a ShopPopONLINE Exclusive and a Limited Edition of 600 pieces. This will be a 3" Fluorescent Enamel Pin.

Expected early December 2020.


March 2021 Product Offering! Deadline to contact your rep to reserve your item by release date is Monday November 9th. After that, we cannot guarantee items will arrive on time. You will not be charged at this time, this is only so we can order and have them on hand and once they are officially announced your rep will send you an invoice.


Previous Product Offerings

Below are previously offered releases from Funko that many not have been announced yet. You can let us know if there are any you are interested in but at this time we cannot guarantee the arrival by release date. 



*If there are brands or products you do not see, we can get most in! Let us know what you are interested in and we will work with you on getting what you want!