Where can I find out when you will receive a certain product?

We get a running open report from Funko each week and update it here: If an item is still showing up we are still waiting on Funko to ship it. For all other inquiries not related to Funko, please email us at

Why does it take so long to receive some products and some are right away?

We rely solely on our manufacturers and distributors to ship to us in a timely manner. Sometimes due to demand they have to allocate. This means they did not anticipate the original demand and only send a few or to certain retailers over others. We always order immediately when a product is announced to try and receive them by release date. We will be happy to always provide updates upon inquiry for any item. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel orders due to changes in release dates or arrivals subject to change by manufacturers or distributors.

Some of my pre-orders are in stock on SPO, why hasn't it shipped?

To provide the best shipping price orders will be shipped once the entire order is ready to ship. We do not do partial shipments. To avoid waiting for certain products we suggest placing separate orders for different expected release dates. If you would like to get your partial order shipped, we can do that at an additional flat rate shipping cost to you.


How do I become a VIP?

We review accounts with SPO every month to see the total orders placed and total amount spent over a lifetime. Based on that review we determine if you are eligible for the FREE VIP program. There are not certain parameters set as it keeps changing to make it an exclusive part of shopping with us. Once you are in the VIP program, you are in it for life.

Can you tell me more about the free VIP program?

What we can tell you is that you get assigned a personal rep and team to help assist your collection, exclusive deals and discounts, first look at SPO exclusives and more! We cannot give out all the information about the program as we make as special as possible for those who are in it.


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