ShopPopONLINE as been selling since February 2019. With our growing reputation and stellar customer service we fulfilled over 4000 orders our first year. Join the growth with a trusted brand and start selling!

In order to list a product you must do the following:

  1. Sign up to sell here.
  2. You can only post a pop culture collectible. Any other products will not be approved.
  3. Be very accurate in your title description including but not limited to: the manufacturer, product, variant, and correlating item number.
  4. In the description include everything you know about the product including title description, if it belongs to a certain franchise, the condition of the box/item and anything related to this item in particular. Be very descriptive as this section is where everyone reads about the item before purchasing!
  5. In the image section you must post the following images: a picture of the item with your name and the date of the post clearly and visible, pictures of all sides, top and bottom of the item/box with each picture filling up the full frame and clearly visible. Blurry pictures will be rejected.
  6. Set the price.
  7. Start selling!

After receiving an order you have 2 business days to ship. Item must be bubble wrapped and placed into a fitted box with packing materials to protect the item. If you follow this guideline and the item arrives to the customer damaged you will not be penalized.

If for some reason you cannot fulfill the order you must cancel the sale within 1 business day.

ShopPopONLINE selling fees are a flat 10% of the item. You pay and generate your own shipping label. There are no other fees associated outside of that. We review sellers accounts monthly and if you are in good standing we lower the selling fees. You get paid after the buyer has received the item and has not made a claim. All payments are made via PayPal which you can set up to receive automatic payments through your seller portal.

Seller Protection! On any item that is sold, the funds get transferred into one of our hold accounts.  Once the buyer has received the order and the buyer has not filed a claim, we automatically disburse the funds to you! If a claim is filed and needs to be returned, we hold the money into the account to make sure you first receive the item in the same condition it was sent in.