Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice in a sailor suit Sailor Moon has arrived! Actually, she’s been one of manga and anime’s most beloved heroines for over 20 years. The star of mangaka Naoko Takeuchi’s bestselling, 18-volume series as well as several anime series and specials, Sailor Moon has won not only battles for the solar system’s but also millions of fans worldwide - as the popularity of Sailor Moon toys, figures, accessories and more proves!

Usagi Tsukino was a friendly, food- and fun-loving 14-year-old middle school student when a mysterious talking cat with a crescent moon-shaped bald spot told her she’d been chosen to keep the “Legendary Silver Crystal” out of treacherous Queen Beryl’s hands.

Since that fateful night, Usagi-chan has seen one magical adventure after another. You can enjoy them all again with collectibles from Entertainment Earth that are every bit as enchanting as Sailor Moon herself.