Force of Will: S2 The Magic Stone War - Zero Booster

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The six sages from the past series will finally be appearing as rulers! In addition, the Cthulhu who also appeared in Grimm Cluster will also be reappearing! There are more than 90 brand new cards, and also look forward to the Alternative Cards that will be available this time as well!
※ Specifications and designs may be subject to change.

Product Breakdown
• Normal: 46 kinds
• Rare: 26 kinds
• Super Rare: 18 kinds
• Marvel Rare: 5 kinds
• Ruler/J-Ruler: 7 kinds
• Basic magic stones: 5 kinds
• Token card: 1 kind
• Life counter card: 18 kinds
More than 90 brand new cards!

Buy-box PR Card:
Pre-Order Bonuses: 1 Limited PR Card for 1 box
※ Only available for first printing

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