Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress: Advance of Intertwined Stars Booster



Featuring: Plenty of new units from the "CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress" animation!The brand new form of Vairina!Vairina gets a power boost in Advance of Intertwined Stars with its evolved new form using originalDress!New Ride Lines for these 3 Nations: Dark States, Brandt Gate and Stoicheia! The existing Ride Lines will be strengthened even further too!Grade 3 Units of the brand new Ride Lines!Powerful new units that will enable you to gather your allies for stronger attacks, annihilate opponents rear-guards, and activate mighty skills based on the number of attacks! 2 types of DSR (Dress Secret Rare) with original illustration by the world-renowned CLAMP!Box Toppers - Fighter's Coins?While stocks last! Each display will come with a set of Fighters Coins (in a cardboard form with cut out) for players to use during their cardfights! It can be used to represent various abilities such as "Final Rush", "Abyssal Dark Night", "Can attack from the back row", "Drive +1" and more!

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