Kidrobot Doktor A - Mechtorians Mini Series

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Welcome to Mechtoria!  Kidrobot pulls back the curtain to the long-forgotten characters of the world of Mechtoria.  Follow us down the darkened cobbled streets and meet the artistic cast of Doktor A’s almost unimaginable world! Gamblers, musicians, entertainers, and more make up the cast of The Mechtorians in this all-new collectible Kidrobot Mini Art Figure Series by artist Doktor A. 

As the story goes... The year was 1871, Professor Whistlecraft sends a small robotic population to another planet to be able to head off an alien invasion that might attempt to ruin our world. After a long period of time and no alien invasion, the robots were abandoned by their creator and established their own world... a mighty, tiny world with two tea times!

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