SPO Holiday PTCGO Tournament

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Tournament



1) Must have Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (Free) Expanded Deck Required.

2) Must have Discord and the ability to share screen on Discord.

3) Must have a registered account at ShopPopONLINE (Free)

4) Registration sign up will be in our Discord under the channel tcg-tournament For registration ONLY type your email and PTCGO username. (We will check you have a registered account on our website and PTCGO) We must have a minimum of 32 registrants to host the tournament.

5) You must provide a screenshot of your full deck to us privately, we will message you for it and use the same deck throughout the entire tournament.

*By registering you agree to allow us to livestream the event to our Youtube, Twitch and Homepage.

What to expect:

Registration will begin on December 5th at 12am in our discord channel tcg-tournament and end on December 9th at 11:59pm. Tournament will take place December 12-13th and Quarter, Semis and Finals take place December 18-20th. Brackets will be posted in discord channel on December 10th along with start times. Each round is estimated around 30 minutes but can start sooner. As soon as a round ends the next round will begin within 5 minutes. Please be aware or watch streams to know when you will be starting. There will be a delay on streams to avoid cheating. Before each round starts we will call the next 2 participants using their @ on discord. They will join a private channel with our host. Participants will share their screen and show the deck they are using that shows it is okay for Expanded play. If a participant streams another player on discord (we can see active viewers) they will automatically forfeit and be banned in future tournaments we host. Once the referee has seen decks are okay for expanded play, referee will have participants add each other to start round. If a participant fails to show up within 5 min of call time for the round they automatically forfeit and will be banned in future tournaments we host. Winners from December 12th Elimination will advance to December 13th Elimination. Winners from December 13th Elimination will advance to Quarter Finals to be held December 18th. Everyone participating in Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals will win a prize from ShopPopONLINE.


$5 Gift Cards

$25 Gift Cards

$50 Gift Cards

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