Coming Soon: Nightmare Before Christmas Pen Toppers, Pop! Keychains, Vinyl, Pop! & Pop! Town!

Get a jumpstart on trick or treat on with collectibles from the gothic Halloween classic Nightmare Before Christmas. Give your writing implements a spooktacular edge with a Hot Topic exclusive Jack Skellington Pen Topper.


Let your keychain truly shine with a BoxLunch exclusive Jack Skellington Pop! Keychain and Diamond Collection Hot Topic exclusive Zero Pop! Keychain.


Bring home a piece of Halloween Town with a Pop! Town Jack with Jack’s house.

If you’re looking for creepy companions for your collection, Pop! Vampire Jack, Pop! The Witch, Pop! Mummy Boy and Pop! Undersea Gal bring a ghoulish touch to any gathering.

A 10” Pop! Oogie Boogie is available as a Walmart exclusive.

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