ECCC 2020 Shared Retailers

Emerald City Comic-Con 2020 is coming soon, which means that in addition to incredible panels and other pop culture goodness, there are going to be several opportunities to get your hands on Funko shared exclusives.

Here's the full list of shared exclusives that will be released over the course of ECCC -

Check back below as we will add links once they are available on our store!

Amazon ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Dragon Ball Z #758 Vegeta (Eating Noodles)
Pop Pokemon #453 Bulbasaur Flocked
Pop Sleeping Beauty 3-Pack: Fauna/Flora/Merryweather

Barnes & Noble / Books-A-Million ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Game of Thrones 3-Pack: Drogon, Viserion, & Rhaegal
Pop Harry Potter #108 Fleur Delacour

BoxLunch ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Simpsons #765 Milhouse

Entertainment Earth ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Starship Troopers #842 Tanker Bug 6" Super-Sized

FunkoShop ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Ad Icons #91 Pez Boy (Fireman)
Pop College Mascots #03 Harry the Husky Flocked
Pop Flintstones #743 The Great Gazoo
Pop Freddy Funko Town #12 Freddy Funko w/ Funko HQ
Pop Speed Racer #754 Speed Racer
Pop Trolls #07 Green Troll
Pop X-Men #443 Toad
Soda Figure Batman Green
Soda Figure Batman Pink Chase
Soda Figure Huckleberry Hound Green
Soda Figure Huckleberry Hound Purple Chase
Soda Figure Ramona Flowers
Soda Figure Ramona Flowers Green Hair Chase
Soda Figure Scott Pilgrim
Soda Figure Scott Pilgrim Green Shirt Chase

FYE ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Dragon Ball Z #760 Piccolo Green Chrome
Pop Masters of the Universe #951 Tri-Klops

GameStop ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Avengers Endgame #592 Thanos
Pop Dungeons & Dragons #576 Gelatinous Cube
Pop Masters of the Universe #952 He-Man (Slime Pit)
Pop PEZ Masters of the Universe: Evil-Lyn/Stinkor/Tri-Klops

Hot Topic ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop DC Super Heroes #316 Zatanna
Pop Dragon Ball Z #759 Perfect Cell Glow-in-the-Dark
Pop Harry Potter #107 Nymphadora Tonks
Pop Mulan Rides #77 Mushu Riding Panda 6"

Target ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Fantastic Four #591 Doctor Doom
Pop NBA Basketball #72 Shawn Kemp (Seattle SuperSonics)
Pop Star Wars #297 Boba Fett Futura

Walgreens ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop X-Men #554 Gambit

Walmart ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop Office #938 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops
Pop Pokemon #455 Charmander Flocked

Funko HQ ECCC Shared Exclusives
Myths #18 Loch Ness Monster GITD

ReedPop Booth ECCC Shared Exclusives
Pop ECCC #48 Crusaderette and T-Shirt
ECCC Crusaders 2-Pack Pins

2020 Funko ECCC Convention-only Exclusives
Pop Grand Budapest Hotel 2-Pack: Zero and Gustave
Pop Indiana Jones Adventure #885 Indiana Jones Metallic 10"
Pin Avengers Infinity War #06 Thanos
Pin ECCC Crusaders 2-Pack GITD